Cheese and Pesto Sandwich

Hello hungry ones!

In my other blog, heyteacherella, I talked about my morning hacks. Life hacks, gotta love them, they make life more efficient. Anyway, this sandwich is made because of a Starbucks craving. I remember having pesto sandwiches in Manila and I can’t have it here, so I decided to make it, and add cheese to it, because, who doesn’t love cheese?


This is one of my best lunch hacks. It’s my comfort food, it’s healthy, it’s idiot-proof and fast to make and the best of all, it’s delicious.

 What you need:

  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread
  • slices of cheddar cheese to fill your bread
  • pesto sauce (recipe here)
  • butter

What to do:

1. Spread a generous amount of pesto sauce onto the two slices of bread. Set aside.

2. Get that block of cheddar. Slice as many as you want to fill the face of one bread. I suggest you don’t do it too thickly so that it will melt easily. Mmmm melted cheese. Anyway, arrange the cheese on top of one pesto-ed bread. Make a sandwich by putting two bread slices together (duh).

3. Now on your skillet, heat some butter over medium heat. Toast the sandwich in butter. Press it hard with a spatula and then check once in a while to ensure it’s not burning. Flip it. Do that flipping thing until the cheese has melted and bread has turned gorgeously golden brown.

4. Now cut the sandwich into four. Or to two triangles. Or just bite into it. Whatever happens, enjoy our recipe!











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