Beans and Veggies

Hello, hungry ones! One of our goals here in HHO is to inspire our friends to be healthy, as demonstrated by our recipes. They are geared to enhance your health in a way that Anthony Bourdain would be proud (all … Continue reading

Potato and Cabbage Balls

Hello, hungry ones! What have you been up to? We recently posted a survival dish but now let’s move on to a dish that will instantly brighten up your day: simple, healthy and delicious. I know that sounds like an … Continue reading

Eggplant + Lentil Layer Bake

Hello, hungry ones! Glad to be back. We are so busy these days but rest assured we still have our thoughts on this little blog. As I have said, we are busy. Tell you what, even if we are, screw … Continue reading

Mushroom Burgers

Look at that. Mushroom burgers are awesome! It is so good, I can’t make complex sentences. It is healthy, tasty and simply badass. Whip this up in the kitchen and everyone will go wow. Seriously though, our memories are wiped … Continue reading