Potato and Cabbage Balls

Hello, hungry ones! What have you been up to? We recently posted a survival dish but now let’s move on to a dish that will instantly brighten up your day: simple, healthy and delicious. I know that sounds like an … Continue reading

Calamansi – Katchamita (Indian Mango) Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

Hello, hungry ones! As we’ve said before, our community is growing and our friend, Donna, has shared her brilliant recipe for cupcakes using Philippine fruits. Now I don’t know if you have calamansi or Katchamita in your neighbourhood Asian stores, … Continue reading

Dexy’s Weekly Special: Wasabi White Chocolate + Cornflakes

Hello, hungry ones! Our friend Dexy is here to share his wonderful dessert. It’s kinda like a parfait but the fusion of flavours is the one to watch out for. Gourmet right in your kitchen! And remember, it’s Mother’s Day … Continue reading

Fast and Simple Guacamole

Hello, hungry ones. If you’re like me, you live alone and make dinners for… one. No, I don’t overeat. Single servings are my friends. And when I do that, I make it fast and simple because I am usually starving. … Continue reading