Mushroom Burgers

Look at that. Mushroom burgers are awesome! It is so good, I can’t make complex sentences. It is healthy, tasty and simply badass. Whip this up in the kitchen and everyone will go wow. Seriously though, our memories are wiped … Continue reading

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Hello, hungry ones. We are lagging in posting. Apologies for that. No amount of emotional wreck, work stress or holidays can stop us from eating and making food though. We are still breathing; pausing maybe, but going on. Strong and … Continue reading

Fast and Simple Guacamole

Hello, hungry ones. If you’re like me, you live alone and make dinners for… one. No, I don’t overeat. Single servings are my friends. And when I do that, I make it fast and simple because I am usually starving. … Continue reading